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SMART Board MX Series: Unleash Dynamic Learning Experiences

Transform your classroom into a dynamic hub for collaboration, creativity, and impactful instruction with the feature-rich SMART Board MX Series.

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Unleash the Power of Interactive Learning:

The SMART Board MX Series, from SMART Technologies, is a revolutionary interactive display designed to empower educators and ignite student engagement. This versatile all-in-one solution offers a range of features to transform classrooms into dynamic learning environments.

Benefits for Oman Education Sectors

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High-Resolution 4K UHD Display

Experience stunning visuals, crisp text, and captivating images with the MX Series' high-resolution 4K Ultra HD display.

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True Multi-Touch Technology

Foster collaboration and simultaneous interaction with the MX Series' advanced multi-touch technology, allowing multiple students to write, draw, and manipulate content on the screen simultaneously.

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Integrated Microphone Array

Ensure clear audio capture for video conferencing, discussions, and interactive activities with the built-in microphone array.

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Android® Media Network

Access a vast library of educational apps and resources directly on the MX Series with the integrated Android® media network, expanding lesson possibilities.

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SMART Learning Suite Software

Unlock the full potential of the MX Series with the pre-loaded SMART Learning Suite software, offering a range of interactive tools, lesson templates, and assessment capabilities

Enhanced Features for Modern Learning

The SMART Board MX Series goes beyond simply displaying content. Explore additional features designed to enhance the learning experience

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Object Awareness

Seamlessly integrate physical manipulatives into digital lessons with Object Awareness technology. The MX Series recognizes objects placed on the screen, allowing for interactive manipulation and engagement.

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Wireless Connectivity

Connect your devices wirelessly to the MX Series for effortless screen sharing and collaboration.

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Durable Design

Invest in long-lasting performance with the MX Series' robust build quality, ensuring reliable operation for years to come.


Benefits of the SMART Board MX Series

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Enhanced Student Engagement

Spark curiosity and active participation with interactive lessons, games, and activities.

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Seamless Content Integration

Effortlessly integrate various learning materials, apps, and resources into your lessons.

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Improved Collaboration

Foster teamwork and communication skills as students work together on the interactive display.

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Simplified Classroom Management

Streamline instruction and control the display directly from your device.


Why Choose for Your SMART Board MX Series?

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Ready to Transform Your Classroom?

Download the SMART Board MX Series brochure for detailed specifications and features.