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Transform Learning in Oman: Empowering Schools with Smart Technology

Kays IT: Exclusive Platinum Partner for Smart Technologies - Over 800+ Schools, 5000+ Smartboards Installed

Introducing Kays IT, Oman’s exclusive Platinum Partner for Smart Technologies. With vast education sector experience, serving 800+ schools, installing 5000+ Smartboards, and training 50,000+ teachers.

Service Features

  • We Provide Flexible IT Services
  • Increase Efficiency

Elevating Education in Oman:

Kays IT, in partnership with Smart Technologies, empowers schools in Oman to:

  • Enhance student engagement and participation.
  • Foster interactive and collaborative learning experiences.
  • Improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide teachers with access to a vast array of educational resources.


Latest Smart Technologies Products and Series

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SMART Board MX Series

Transform your classroom into a dynamic hub for collaboration, creativity, and impactful instruction with the feature-rich SMART Board MX Series.

Learn More About SMART Board MX Series
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SMART Board RX Series

Experience next-level interactivity with the RX Series, designed to support all learners and empower educators to create inclusive classrooms.

Explore SMART Board RX Series
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SMART Board GX Series

Experience powerful interactive learning at an affordable price with the SMART Board GX Series. Engage your students and transform your classroom without compromising on quality.

See How SMART Board GX Series Works
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SMART Board 6000S Series

Experience the pinnacle of interactive learning technology with the SMART Board 6000S Series. This next-generation solution empowers educators to create immersive lessons, ignite student engagement, and unlock the full potential of their classrooms.

Explore SMART Board 6000S Series
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SMART Notebook

Empower educators and ignite student engagement with SMART Notebook, the intuitive software designed to transform ordinary lessons into interactive and collaborative learning experiences.

Learn More About SMART Notebook
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IMSAND is a revolutionary educational tool that merges the power of augmented reality (AR) with the timeless appeal of sand play.

Learn More About SMART Notebook

Teacher Training and Support:

Hassle-free installation by our expert team.

Specialized sessions on using Smart Notebook software and educational tools.

Assistance in seamlessly integrating technology into teaching strategies.

Continuous assistance and guidance beyond training sessions.

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