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SMART Board RX Series: Inclusive Learning Starts Here

Reimagine Engagement & Accessibility: SMART Board RX Series

Experience next-level interactivity with the RX Series, designed to support all learners and empower educators to create inclusive classrooms

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Evolve Learning with Unmatched Ease of Use:

The SMART Board RX Series, from SMART Technologies, is a groundbreaking interactive display that breaks down barriers and fosters inclusive learning environments. Built with user-programmable tools and market-leading ease of use, the RX Series empowers educators to cater to diverse learning styles and create engaging lessons for all students.


Unleashing the Power of Inclusion:

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Tool Explorer Technology

Revolutionize interactivity with patented Tool Explorer technology. This innovative feature allows educators to program real-world objects, like SMART™ programmable tools, to act as digital manipulatives on the RX Series. This bridges the gap between physical and digital learning, making the experience more accessible and engaging for all students.

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Multi-Color Stylus

Spark creativity and personalized expression with the multi-color stylus, allowing students to choose their preferred color for writing and drawing on the interactive display.

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles

The RX Series aligns with UDL principles by providing multiple means of representation, action & expression, and engagement. This ensures all students can access information, interact with lessons, and participate actively.

A Feature-Packed Learning Hub

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4K UHD Display

Immerse students in vibrant visuals, sharp text, and captivating images with the RX Series' stunning 4K Ultra HD display.

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Up to 40 Points of Touch

Foster dynamic collaboration and simultaneous interaction with the RX Series' advanced multi-touch technology, allowing multiple students to work on the screen at once.

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Integrated Microphone Array

Ensure clear audio capture for discussions, video conferencing, and interactive activities with the built-in microphone array.

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Free, Intuitive Software Suite

Unlock the full potential of the RX Series with the pre-loaded SMART Learning Suite software, offering a range of interactive tools, lesson templates, and assessment capabilities.

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Android® Embedded Computing

Access a vast library of educational apps and resources directly on the RX Series with the integrated Android® media network, expanding lesson possibilities.


Benefits of the SMART Board RX Series

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Enhanced Accessibility

Cater to diverse learning styles and empower all students to participate actively.

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Streamlined Collaboration

Faster teamwork and communication skills as students work together on the interactive display.

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Simplified Classroom Management

Streamline instruction and control the display directly from your device.

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Increased Engagement

Spark curiosity and spark participation with interactive lessons, games, and activities.

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Effortless Content Integration

Seamlessly integrate various learning materials, apps, and resources into your lessons.

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Data & Assessment Tools

Utilize the SMART Learning Suite software for formative assessment and data analysis to track student progress.


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Ready to Transform Your Classroom?

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