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SMART Board QX Pro: Unleash Unmatched Performance in Your Hybrid Workplace

Elevate Collaboration and Efficiency with the SMART Board® QX Pro

Experience unparalleled performance, seamless interactivity, and unmatched versatility with the all-in-one SMART Board QX Pro, designed to empower your hybrid workplace.

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SMART Board QX Pro:

The SMART Board QX Pro series is the pinnacle of interactive display technology, designed to revolutionize collaboration and engagement in today’s hybrid work environments. This all-in-one powerhouse offers a multitude of features to enhance your meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions.


Key Features of the SMART Board QX Pro:

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Industry-Leading Touch Technology

Experience lag-free writing with pressure sensitivity and palm rejection on an optically bonded glass display, providing a true pen-on-paper feel.

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40-Point Multi-Touch

Enable seamless collaboration with multi-user capabilities, allowing multiple people to write, draw, and interact with content simultaneously.

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Ultra HD Resolution

Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with a vibrant 4K UHD display, ensuring clarity and detail for even the most complex presentations.

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Integrated Microphone Array

Conduct clear audio conferences and video calls with the built-in microphone array, capturing voices from all directions in the room.

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Ultra HD Webcam

Present with confidence and participate in high-quality video meetings with the integrated Ultra HD webcam.

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Built-in Android 11

Enjoy seamless access to a vast library of apps and tools directly on the display, enhancing your interactive capabilities.

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Wireless Screen Sharing

Effortlessly share content from laptops, tablets, and smartphones using native casting, apps, or a browser, fostering collaboration without wires.

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Versatile Connectivity

Connect to a variety of devices with an extensive range of ports, including HDMI, USB-C, and USB-A, ensuring compatibility with all your peripherals.

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SMART Ink® Software

Create engaging presentations, annotate documents, and brainstorm ideas with the intuitive SMART Ink® software suite.

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Simple and Secure Management

Simplify deployment and management with remote device management tools, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Benefits of Using the SMART Board QX Pro

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Enhanced Collaboration

Foster dynamic and interactive teamwork with multi-touch capabilities and intuitive features.

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Increased Efficiency

Streamline meetings and presentations with wireless screen sharing and user-friendly tools, saving valuable time.

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Simplified Management

Enjoy effortless deployment and management with remote device management tools.

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Improved Communication

Conduct clear and effective video conferences and presentations with integrated audio and video functionalities.

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Unmatched Versatility

Adapt to any meeting or presentation scenario with a wide range of connectivity options and functionalities.

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Data & Assessment Tools

Utilize the SMART Learning Suite software for formative assessment and data analysis to track student progress.


The SMART Board QX Pro series is the perfect solution for a variety of business environments, including:

  • Conference Rooms: Transform your conference room into a hub for collaboration and innovation.
  • Training Rooms: Deliver engaging and interactive training sessions with ease.
  • Huddle Rooms: Optimize your huddle rooms for quick and effective brainstorming sessions.
  • Executive Offices: Elevate presentations and communication within executive spaces.

Why Choose for Your SMART Board QX Pro?

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Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Download the SMART Board QX Pro brochure for detailed specifications and features.